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We are able to provide experienced interpreters.


Consecutive interpreting

The interpretation comes after the original has been delivered. The interpreter makes any necessary notes during the presentation and then provides an oral translation in the target language.

Because of the additional time required, this type of interpreting is normally used for official occasions (speeches, presentations, receptions, etc.) or cultural events (e.g. film or theatre premieres).


Simultaneous interpreting

The interpretation comes almost simultaneously. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth, listens to the speaker on headphones and speaks the translation into a microphone. The listener can hear the translation on headphones.

Because of the high degree of concentration required, this type of  interpreting is usually done in teams of two or more interpreters, alternating every 20 minutes or so.

It is generally used for large events such as conferences, meetings or congresses.


Chuchotage (whispered interpreting)

This is a type of simultaneous interpretation but without headphones or microphone and is therefore suitable for two listeners at most. The interpreter sits next to or behind the listeners and whispers the translation to them.

Chuchotage is most often used for interviews, negotiations, meetings between heads of state and meetings with up to two listeners.


Liaison intepreting

This type of interpreting involves relaying a dialogue sentence by sentence or in short sections in both languages, enabling the interlocutors to communicate with one another.

It is frequently used in negotiations, meetings or training courses but can also be found in dealings with public authorities or in hospitals, for example.


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