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Project management


1. Submission of text

The quickest and simplest way of submitting your text is by e‑mail in MS Word or as a PDF file. You can also send texts by fax or mail.

2. Quotation

We offer a free binding quotation based on the number of standard lines (55 characters) in the document.

3. Text analysis

After receipt of your order confirmation, your document is analysed and a suitable translator selected for the subject area and source and target languages. More than one translator might be used for larger projects.

4. Translation

The translations are made exclusively by native speakers. On completion, they are carefully checked. The final step is the layout and formatting so that the translation is, in as far as possible, identical to the source text.

5. Delivery

On completion of the work, the translated text is sent by e‑mail within the agreed schedule. Original copies of certified translations are sent by mail or EMS.